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Not many people understand my pain when I say that the worst feeling in the world is looking down at your phone and seeing a missed call from an unknown number. For me, that missed call could very well be the most important call of my life. That missed call could mean something terrible has happened. Or that missed call could’ve been the assurance I needed to tell me that everything’s okay. You’re probably wondering how a missed phone call could mean so much when I don’t even know who was on the other end of the line. But the answer is quite simple: I am the girlfriend of a United States Marine.

Being the significant other of a member of service really changes your perspective on life and relationships. You learn to cherish every single moment you have together. Every second counts. Even a one-minute phone call can make my entire week. I don’t have time to pick fights with him over little things because in the bigger picture, those things are trivial and fighting will only take away from the little time we have together. Not to mention that the fight could very well be the last conversation I have with him – now wouldn’t that be the worst feeling in the world? You also learn to be independent – luckily for me, I’ve always been independent by nature. I’ve seen so many girls whose boyfriends go off to basic training for the Army or other branches of the military and they sulk around and/or are miserable. I try my best to be supportive of them but it’s hard when I lived through the Marine Corps boot camp, which is three months long with no communication aside from slow mail, compared to other branches that are more lenient with communication and have shorter training time. They’re lucky that they don’t have to endure what I did. But rather than focusing on us being apart, I focus on me and what I need to do. I busy myself with work and now with school and before you know it, the time has flown by (I’m already half way done with this deployment!).

Now, one of the biggest things that bothers me when I tell people my boyfriend is a Marine is this: “wow, I don’t know how you do that”. Do what exactly? Love someone unconditionally who loves me the same way back? I know that the statement has no harmful intentions behind it but it still bothers me. I don’t see why if you love someone, you wouldn’t be supportive of their dreams or careers. My boyfriend has always been my rock and my biggest cheerleader; of course I’m going to stand by him and be faithful to him as he lives out the dream that he’s had since he was seven years old. It saddens me to see how many women are unfaithful while their spouse is deployed. It saddens me to see how many women there are out there who actively seek to become a military wife to reap the benefits. It saddens me to see how TV shows like Army Wives glorify the military lifestyle. Trust me, this is not the lifestyle you want to be living if you can help it. I am constantly worried about my boyfriend’s safety. I am constantly waiting to hear “I’m okay”. I am constantly dreading a phone call from a his higher up’s telling me that something has happened. Every time I watch the news and hear people talking about who we should be declaring war on, I’m filled with dread and I pray like crazy that he’s not called into combat first.

The military has definitely tested our relationship, but the fact that we have continuously overcome those tests have made us stronger as a couple. I am incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful person and for him to have chosen to grace my life with his presence. But I am not dating a Marine, I am simply dating someone who happens to be a Marine. I knew what I was getting myself into when we met in high school and looking back, I completely stand by my decision to do whatever it takes to make our relationship work. Even if it means that there will lonely holidays/birthdays/anniversaries. Even if it means that I have to wake up at three in the morning for a 30-second Skype call.  I refuse to have any more “one missed call’s”.


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