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It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year – the time for midterms. My past couple of weeks have been spent studying for one test after another, our 220 test included. After confirming with my calendar, I realized that every time I have a midterm in JMS480 (my most challenging class), I also have this blog and a thought paper due for JMS300 the day before and our JMS220 exam the following day. Well, this should prove to be a fun semester.

It seems crazy how much material we have already covered in all of my classes despite being only a month or so into school. Guess time really does fly when you’re having “fun.” Luckily, the hard part (for now) is over. I managed to submit a blog entry and my thought paper whilst emerging from my 480 exam feeling slightly confident – though not to be overconfident because you can never be sure until the results are posted. As for the 220 test? I didn’t think it was too bad, considering I really only spent one night preparing since most of my time was consumed by 480.

Now I have two midterms remaining this week: Intermediate Micro and JMS300. I have always been good with economics so I think I should be okay for tomorrow’s midterm. Of course, I will do some practice problems just to be on the same side. As for JMS300, which just so happens to also be taught by Professor Schmitz-Weiss, I feel like I can adequately prepare for that class now that I have had a taste of her exam style. So wish me luck this week!

(In other news: I chopped off 14 inches of my luscious locks this past weekend and donated to Locks of Love. Still adjusting to my short hair but on the bright side, my head is a lot lighter and I don’t have a “sweater” draping over my shoulders anymore. Also I got a job working for Concessions on campus so that should be a fun experience!)

Me and My Sisters Being Silly at Disneyland (See length of hair on far left!)











Me Buying Unnecessities at Target Post Haircut


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